Chokers for a versatile wardrobe

The choker necklace has gained immense popularity in recent times. It is a close-fitting necklace that is worn around the trunk of the neck. It can give the outfits a classy or extravagant look, depending on the style. A diamond choker necklace can make the woman look chic and dignified.

Chokers have been around since the oldest civilizations of the world. The Jewelry Museum of Fine Arts has cataloged an extensively rich history of the choker starting from the Ancient Egyptians and Sumerians of around 2500 B.C. They were made of gold and lapis and were regarded as sacred items. Presently, they are made from various materials, like velvet, metal, plastic, latex, and leather.

In the more recent centuries, a range of various significances has been attributed to chokers. It was a marker of upper class and nobility but changed with time and context. During the French Revolution in 1798, many women wore red ribbons to honor the lives lost at the guillotine, and late 19th-century thin ribbon chokers were associated with sex work. Broad chokers peaked in popularity in 1900 as Queen Alexandra of the United Kingdom took to wearing them. From the 1940s, lace and velvet chokers studded with diamonds and pearls became famous as a marker of wealth and prosperity of the elite. Nowadays, wearing chokers can be a smart, casual thing or a bold fashion statement.

Simple chokers for the elegant look:


The sleek and delicate chokers are a perfect accessory for a voguish look. A metallic choker with a charm locket goes best with summer dresses in pastel colors or prints. Chokers with rose gold, silver, or golden jewelry will suit any color.


Layering chokers or a pre-layered choker is a stylish look, especially for those women with spunky and bubbly personalities. It goes well for casual dates and outings with a tank top and jeans. Layering a diamond choker necklace, on the other hand, paired with a flowing gown, will make the woman ready to turn heads at a high-profile party.


Adjustable choker necklaces are versatile – they can be worn loose or tight. Usually, these are made of leather or faux leather cords and give that slightly edgy look to the wardrobe.

Ornate chokers for the classy look:


The touch of nostalgic antiquity makes vintage choker necklaces appealing to women who love to accessorize. They are usually set with precious stones and have intricate metalwork to go well with any retro or gothic outfit. It also leaves room for experimenting with modern outfits to make a bold statement.


Plain black velvet choker necklaces with or without a charm look chic when paired with casual dresses. These can be worn with a sophisticated wardrobe with good make-up and styled hair for a classier look.


These choker necklaces invoke a certainly different aura when paired with the right dress and make-up. Suede heels would also fit well with the ensemble.


Flowery choker necklaces stand for warmth and positivity. These are versatile enough for the woman to appear casual or classy, depending on how the woman wants to dress that day.


Chokers can be flexible enough to fit right in with your wardrobe and give it an exciting touch at the same time. Famous pop culture icons have set trends wearing a dazzling diamond choker necklace. Perfect for both daywear and nightwear, choker necklaces are a thing of admirable beauty.

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