How Accessorizing Will Make You a Trendsetter

If you like keeping in style and looking trendy but are on a tight budget or don’t have the space for a large wardrobe, you can get the look you want with just a few staple pieces and various accessories. Taking your basics and creatively accessorizing will keep you on the cutting edge of style.

How To Accessorize the Basics

You probably already have these in your closet so start with a classic basic of your favorite jeans and a simple white t-shirt. If you don’t have these two items, they are easy to come by and can create multiple outfits for a variety of activities just by adding stylish accessories and jewelry in Oslo. As an example, below are three instances where you can take the same jeans and t-shirt and accessorize them to fit different occasions.

An Afternoon Lounging or Running Errands

For a day of catching up on tasks at home, slipping out to run errands, or just relaxing on the couch to read or watch television, your comfy jeans and t-shirt are perfect. You don’t want to be caught not looking your best, so accessorize with hoop earrings, a chain necklace, and your timeless rings. Finish your casual look by rolling up your jeans, throwing on an ankle bracelet, and slipping into sneakers or sandals.

A Day With Friends

It is always fun expressing your fashionista side when out with friends. Take your outfit and spruce it up with a wool scarf, chunky belt, cuff bracelet, and boots of any style for a classy, trendy look. Bigger hoops or dangly earrings give your look more punch as well as adding a chunkier necklace or fashion ring.

A Night Out

Dressing for a night out is easy by adding a fashionable hat, duster, and shoes or boots with a heel. Your necklace, earrings, bracelet, and rings can be bigger and bolder or more simple and classic depending on your venue.

Adding Accessories to Your Wardrobe

To build your accessory collection, visit boutiques, markets, and shopping centers throughout Oslo and Stockholm to get a variety of options. When looking for jewelry, it is good to have timeless pieces, as these items can stand alone or be added to. For example, add a bulky charm to a simple chain necklace or wear three or four bangles rather than one. You can also shop for other accessories including headbands, belts, and handbags to fit your style. When looking for the best bang for your buck, remember these guidelines and how you can efficiently change your look:

  1. The size of a simple hoop earring can change the mood you are going for, so have two to three various sizes.
  2. You can use a scarf around your neck, as a shawl, and as a belt. Have a few different colors so you can easily change your look, and match scarves with your shoes and handbag to give you a polished finish.
  3. Pick up a suede bag with fringe or carry a large tote to add a whole new look to your jeans and t-shirt.
  4. Sometimes a cuff bracelet is all you need to add a wow factor to your outfit, so find one that blends well with your other jewelry or have one in silver and one in gold.

Accessorizing the basics in your closet can add immediate interest to your wardrobe. Staying trendy doesn’t have to be expensive nor does it mean having an abundance of clothes. Selecting an array of unique accessories and utilizing them in various ways with some of your favorites will show your creativity and make you a trendsetter.

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