The Different Types of Extensions to Learn About

Are you planning to invest in virgin hair extensions (or any other kind of extensions) from reputable businesses like the Harlem Hair Company?

Congratulations! You can reap the many benefits these extensions offer, from fuller hair down to more beauty and confidence in yourself.

But before you make the big change and get hair extensions, you first have to consider what kind of hair extensions you should get.

With that said, read on to learn more about the hair extensions one can invest in!

  1. Clip-Ins

These are extensions one can clip to her scalp. It’s a great option for temporary use, as it only takes 10-15 minutes to install on your own. You can also adjust it as needed and remove it after use.

Clip-in extensions can last for up to a year if well-maintained and with proper care, especially when they aren’t worn every day.

  1. Tape-Ins

As the name suggests, tape-in extensions are attached through tapes and are one of the most popular choices. Tape-in extensions would be worn regularly over a long period, only removed when the tapes or hair extensions require changing.

These extensions will require more care and maintenance, lasting 6-8 weeks before removal and reinstallation. You can reapply tape-in extensions 3-4 times as long as you care for it well.

  1. Micro-Link

This is also known as I-Tip or Cold Fusion extensions. They will be slipped into cylinders or beads made of copper or silicon, then compressed to hair strands. Professional hairstylists will need to install these extensions, taking 4-6 hours long.

Micro-link extensions don’t require heat or adhesives when installed, making it easier to adjust to them. It will only require reinstallation when your hair will grow out, lasting up to one year.

  1. Pre-Bonded

Also known as U-tip extensions, these are pre-tipped and U-tipped lined with silicon. The reason it’s called U-tip is because your hair will be put between a U-shaped curve at the extension tip before sealing it with melted and non-damaging keratin glue with hot fusion irons.

This application can take 5-8 hours and must be done by professionals. What’s great about these extensions is that they are lightweight and will stay secure. It’s also a good option for those who have coarse or thick hair, holding firmly to your natural hair.

Expect these extensions to last for 3-6 months when maintained well.

  1. Sew-In

Also known as weave hair, these are long wefts of hair and are similar to clip-in extensions. They would be sewn to layers of one’s natural hair, with the hair braided and sewn with a needle and thread or using the micro-ring application method.

These extensions are only suitable for women with thicker hair as the weaves may cause tension to fine or damaged hair. Weaves will take 1-2 hours to install and require repositioning every 8-10 weeks.

Wrapping It Up

Now that you’re well-equipped with information on the types of hair extensions to get, you’ll know which is best for you.

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