How to style Flannel Shirts like a pro!

There are only a few clothing apparel liked by fashionable city dwellers and Alaskan loggers, and flannel shirts by Brixton are one of them. It’s a must-have for seasonal layering and navigating transitional climates in style. It’s warm, robust, hard-wearing, and classic.

However, how can you style it? Fortunately, the flannel shirt’s basic style makes it incredibly flexible, easily fitting into various looks. Still, a few tips and tricks will help ensure you get it correctly the first time.

That’s why we’ve compiled a few tried-and-true styles and some suggestions for incorporating this practical fabric into your everyday wardrobe.

  1. Learn about different texture

Using textures to your benefit is lesson number one in the master’s course once you have a degree in the basic skills of proper dressing.

A flannel shirt is an excellent place to begin. It gives an accessible approach for less bold dressers to explore with texture and pattern and a restrained way for those who like to keep their style subtle.

Combine flannel shirts by Brixton with other tactile clothes to get the whole experience. Consider corduroy pants, a wool overshirt, and suede shoes. Use these textures in tandem to add dimension to plain ensembles and watch them transform before your eyes. 

  1. Learn to layer

We’ve already discussed how it can be worn as a breathable overshirt in warmer climates, but it’s also excellent for snuggling up when the temperature lowers.

With layered fall and winter outfits, the perfect flannel may offer depth and texture. Wear one over a T-shirt, then layer on chunky knitwear, a gilet, and a parka for ultimate cold-weather insulation.

  1. Loose it up

The adaptability of the flannel shirt is its main selling feature. A big part of this is because it may be worn as a mid-layer and a top-layer. It also implies that a flannel shirt is appropriate for all seasons.

Wear a flannel shirt unbuttoned over a basic T-shirt in the spring and summer. Swap your shirt with a thin-gauge roll neck during the fall and winter. If the shirt has a check pattern, avoid large logos or prints because you don’t want anything else competing for attention. To make it even more airy, cuff or roll the sleeves.

  1. Classic and stylish

The flannel shirt is a timeless piece, so outfit it accordingly. Stick to tried-and-true casual favorites like old denim jeans, classic outerwear, suede or leather boots, and simple knitwear for consistent success.

That isn’t to say you can’t dabble in customizing to some level. A basic flannel with a tailored jacket, elegant joggers, and an airy pair of leather sneakers can look terrific. However, if you’d like to eliminate the uncertainty and have ready-made ensembles that look excellent, follow this surefire technique for the most remarkable results. 

Smarten up your style.

Whether you want to wear it as a formal or a casual outfit, you need two to three different pairings and are ready as ever. Team the flannel with the workwear staples, or use it as a jacket replacement for a cafe date.

Depending on the weather, layer it over low-profile layers like T-shirts, turtlenecks, and fine knitwear, and keep to formal or casual pieces. Keep the attire understated and modest for extra points. A subtly checkered flannel shirt might function as a minimalist focal point in this way, and you always retain a point in style.

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