Simple Tips For Organising Your Gymwear Wardobe

Often it is people’s gymwear that gets the messiest in their wardrobe, so we are here with some really simple tips to help you get organised, so you feel more motivated to go to the gym and you might find some older pieces you love but completely forgot that you have! So, let’s get into it and get ready to find out how to organise your gymwear wardrobe.

Have A Good Clear Out

Our first tip when you’re organising your gymwear wardrobe is to have a good clear out. Take all of your gymwear out of your drawers and wardrobe and lie them all out on your bed. Decide what you want to keep, then create a donate/sell pile for everything else. If something doesn’t make you feel good, confident or supported, then it’s time to let someone else enjoy it! Sell what you can, then you can use this money to invest in some new gymwear that you really love, like a new pair of seamless leggings that you’ve been wanting or a pair that are more squat proof than the ones you already have.

This will help you to kickstart your clear out your gymwear and you’ll find you have so much more space to organise the things you do love better.

Invest In Drawer Organisers

Now that you’ve had a good clearout, one of the best things you can do is invest in drawer organisers. You can get all kinds of different organisers that are really affordable, such as felt ones, or more expensive wooden ones. They also come in all different shapes and sizes to fit into different drawers, with different sized compartments depending on what it is you want to organise.

So, if you have three drawers dedicated to your gymwear, get three organisers, one with small sections, one with medium sections and one with larger sections. In the smaller organiser, you can organise your gym socks and underwear, by rolling them up small. Then, in the medium sections, roll up all of your gym crop tops, tops and sports bras. Finally, place one pair of gym shorts or leggings in each of the larger sections.

With organisers, you will be able to see everything at once and things won’t get lost at the very bottom of the drawer. It is also much easier to keep everything neat, as rather than having to route through everything and pull things out from the bottom of the drawer, you will be able to see everything and simply place it back after you’ve worn it or it’s been washed.

Utilise The Bottom of Your Wardrobe

Last but not least, if you’re not already, utilising the bottom of your gym wardrobe can transform your gymwear organisation. To do this, invest in a shoe rack for the bottom of your wardrobe that fits in nicely, then you can organise all of your trainers on there! Often the bottom of wardrobes get wasted, but if you have lots of gym shoes, this is the perfect solution when it comes to organisation.

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