Is Salwar Kameez for Women a Perfect Gift?

You can gift that special woman in your life a beautiful salwar kameez. But is it a perfect gift option for women? Find out the answer here.


Salwar kameez is an outstanding Indian outfit for women. The ethnic outfit comes in many designs and fabrics. As a result, millions of stylish women who like Indian ethnic outfits can find a salwar kameez design that suits their personality and style. It is worth mentioning that this Indian ethnic outfit is now popular worldwide, and women are happy to wear it when attending different occasions.

Knowing that women like wearing well-designed, beautiful salwar kameez, you may be tempted to buy one for your partner, sister, or mother as a gift. But is it a perfect gift for women? Keep reading to find out the answer.

What is Salwar Kameez?

Salwar Kameez is an Indian ethnic outfit that includes a pair of trousers (salwar), a tunic (kameez), and a scarf (dupatta). The trouser or salwar can come in different designs. It can be wide at the waist and narrow at the bottom. The kameez can be long to reach just above kneel level or below. In most cases, the salwar and kameez look alike (suit), while the dupatta completes the look. The dupatta can be of a different color or pattern.

Note that there are different designs of salwar kameez for women available. And they come in different fabrics. You can visit different local boutiques to see the different options available. If the local designer doesn’t have many designs, you can check them online. Many online boutiques and designers showcase different designs of salwar kameez.

Is Salwar Kameez a Perfect Gift Option?

Absolutely yes. Millions of women like wearing stylish, beautiful salwar suits. So why should that special woman in your life not like it? But you should choose a unique, well-designed outfit that will make her smile and enhance her beauty. So it will be a perfect gift if it fits her right. Additionally, if the outfit makes her look stylish and feel more confident, then it is a good one.

And that leads us to the next topic:

Choosing the Best Salwar Kameez (Gift) for that Special Woman

If you want salwar kameez to be a perfect gift for that special woman, be it a wife, sister, mum, or friend, you must choose the right one. Here are tips to help you out:

  • Know their Size and Shape

We all have different body types and shapes. Therefore, when buying a salwar kameez for a woman, you should know their body type and size. This will help you buy a fitting outfit that will make them smile. You can ask her about her size and body type during normal conversations. Alternatively, you can measure one of her dresses to get accurate measurements.

When you know her body type and size, you will have an easy time searching for what fits her. If you don’t know her size or body type, you may buy an attire that won’t fit her. And your gift may not be appreciated. So why make that mistake?

  • Choose Fabric Carefully

You should buy a salwar kameez for women made of quality fabric, which will look good on her. Note that some fabrics can make her look bigger than she is, while others can make her look slimmer than she actually is. If she is heavier, consider fabrics like georgette, satin, crepe, or chiffon that create an illusion of a slimmer body. If she is on the slimmer side, consider fabrics like silk, linen, and cotton, which will make her appear bigger.

  • Look at the Designs and Embroidery

You know what she likes to wear. So you should buy her a salwar kameez that resembles most of her Indian clothes in the closet. If she doesn’t like heavily embroidered outfits, consider a simple outfit with minimal patterns and embroidery work. On the hand, if she likes outfits full of patterns, sequins, or other beautiful features, consider that when buying the gift.

  • Consider Price

Although price should not be a determining factor when buying a gift for a loved one, sometimes it is better to consider it. Many brands and boutiques offer different designs of salwar kameez for women at different prices. Some offer this attire at very high prices, while others are reasonable in pricing.

When you know the exact salwar kameez to buy, you should do a price comparison. Buy the Indian ethnic outfit from a boutique selling it at a fair price. You will save some bucks as a result.

  • What’s the Occasion?

You are probably buying her a salwar kameez to wear when going to a friend’s wedding. If that is the case, you should ensure that the attire suits the occasion and has the theme color of the wedding. If she is to wear it to a special occasion, like a birthday party, ensure it is beautiful and elegant to make her feel special and appreciated.

  • Buy What She Always Dreams of Having

You’ve probably heard her mention a favorite salwar kameez suit she would want to have. If you know about it, just get it for her. You can also buy some fashion magazines with different salwar kameez designs and ask her jokingly what she may want to have from the magazine. Buy what she picks; it will be a big gift for her.

How to Present Salwar kameez as a Gift

After buying the salwar kameez, you should fold it and put it in a gift box. You can add a simple message through a card. Write a short message on the card and put it over the Indian ethnic attire inside the box. Then wrap the box with beautiful wrapping paper. You can send it via mail or just place it where she can easily find it in the house. She will love it.

Final Words

Salwar kameez is a perfect gift you can give to your wife, sister, mother, or friend. But you should ensure that you buy an outfit that perfectly fits her. Most importantly, the ethnic attire gift should enhance her beauty and make her feel comfortable. Therefore, take your time to gather all the information you need about her body type, size, and preference. Then go to the market. You can buy the outfit at the local boutique. Alternatively, you can buy it online, which is easy and fast.

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