Fashionable Investing: Fashion Pieces that Will Last a Lifetime

Fashion and its trends have constantly been transforming over the years. From the golden age of French fashion in the 1920s to today’s nostalgic mix of trends in the 2000s, fashion has played a critical part in every era’s identity and history. It is a given that new and unique styles will always emerge depending on mainstream society’s preferences. External factors can also be the cause of these changes. The current music, art, culture, films, and even celebrities present during that period can largely influence fashion trends. With fashion’s ever-changing nature, the pressure of keeping up with the latest styles is still apparent among all ages up to this day.

We are at a time when shopping for clothes is already a form of entertainment and self-expression instead of it just being an occasional occurrence. The fashion industry has almost reached $1.65 trillion in sales worldwide this 2020, and the year isn’t even over. The birth of fast fashion gave way to people’s habit of impulsive buying and desire to keep in touch with society’s high standards regarding appearance and style. But there is a way for people who want to look fashionable without leaving a massive dent in their bank accounts from frequent purchases. Here are some examples of the fashion staples worth the purchase in the long run.

Fashion Staples that are Worth the Investment 

The most common staple that is known to be a good investment is none other than jewelry. Conserving the monetary value of jewelry is something every consumer should be aware of. The factors that can help increase or decrease the value of jewelry overtime are the material and its quality, the jeweler, and distinctiveness. Top designers and jewelers use high-quality materials to produce their limited collections, making the pieces much more special. Jewelry is a flexible and convenient addition to our everyday outfits’ wholeness, and it will surely last a long time.

Moreover, handbags also make an excellent investment, specifically designer handbags. Bags with huge brand names usually retain their value for an extended period. These bags are versatile and functional, complementing your various outfits while giving you a place to keep your wallet, phone, IDs, and other items you might need when you are out and about in public. Designer handbags also have exceptional resale values. Exclusive and limited pieces, as well as classic designs, can be resold at a great price.

Last but not least, outerwear from coats to jackets can also be a worthwhile investment. Winter is inevitable. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in excellent quality outerwear to keep yourself warm and comfortable no matter what environment you are in. Always remember to be particular about the material of the fabric and how you can clean it. Through this, you can better take care of your coats and jackets so that they can last longer. Buying a single article of outerwear can last you a few years, which ultimately helps you save a couple of dollars. Staple pieces like trench coats, wool cardigans, leather jackets, and denim jackets are trendy and practical articles of clothing that have been around for a very long time. It will surely stay the same in the next years to come.

How to Choose Fashion Pieces that Have Major Longevity

Now that we’ve covered the fashion staples, let’s get into how you can make sure the fashion pieces you buy can last you more than a few years. First, think about how much you like it and consider its versatility. Choosing a piece of clothing that fits you well and is easy to pair with a variety of clothes can make you want to wear it over and over again. Buying a unique style might make sense at that time, but finding out it doesn’t match any piece that you already own might be a hassle in the future. If this happens, you’d probably end up disposing it later and having the money you spent on it wasted.

Next, it is vital to examine the material and quality. Make sure that the clothes you wear can make you feel comfortable and confident at the same time. If wearing that particular article is intolerable, chances are, you will be getting rid of it more quickly. Some people might find interesting and hip pieces of clothing tempting and completely disregard the fact that it is uncomfortable to wear. Checking the quality can also help you have the same clothes in your closet for the next few years. Whether it be the stitching or the prints, making sure the design and style of the clothes you buy are durable is essential.

Fashion has been continually progressing ever since one can remember, and keeping up with these trends is not something to be ashamed of. However, it is crucial to remember that practicality and durability should always be a priority. Keep this information in mind so you can stay fashionably and financially fabulous.

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