Difference Between Fine and Fashion Jewellery

If you are a person that likes to wear jewellery, you have probably noticed that there are many different terms for jewellery. There are two different types of jewellery which are fine and fashion jewellery.

What is Fine Jewellery?

Fine jewellery is far more valuable than other types of jewellery. They use materials that are much more valuable. Some materials used for fine jewellery are Gold, Silver, or Platinum. Many materials are used for fine jewellery although these are the most common.

If you are looking to add value to your outfit and show status, this would be your preferred jewellery type. Fine jewellery can also consist of gemstones such as emerald rings, depending on whether or not you want a gemstone with it. There are many gemstones out there that are used for fine jewellery. Diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and garnets are some of the most common gemstones. These are all common gemstones for antique engagement rings.

Another positive about fine jewellery is that it is more durable compared to fashion jewellery. Some materials are far more durable than others. For example, platinum is stronger than gold and, gold is stronger than silver. These materials are perfect for your everyday jewellery.

What Is Fashion Jewellery?

Fashion jewellery is much cheaper than fine jewellery because of the materials they are used. Fashion jewellery, also known as costume jewellery, is usually made of brass, copper or aluminium. It is also common for fashion jewellery to be made of fabric, leather and other materials. It is common for fashion jewellery to have a fake-looking gemstone on the piece as well. This will be usually be made of glass or plastic. If you are not sure what fashion jewellery is, you will find it inside high street stores.

Benefits of Fine Jewellery

There are many benefits with fine jewellery compared to fashion jewellery. Fine jewellery is far better than fashion jewellery, however, it is a lot more expensive. Furthermore, that is because fine jewellery is designed to last a lot longer. Another thing to mention is that when fine jewellery breaks or gets damaged, you can get it repaired at a jeweller’s.

Fashion jewellery is more affordable for the average person. However, fine jewellery isn’t always expensive either. Many pieces of fine jewellery are much more affordable, you just have to choose the cheaper materials. For example, if you wish to go for fine jewellery, we suggest you wear silver as it is more affordable.

To Conclude

Overall, we suggest that you go for fine jewellery if you want to wear something more valuable. Simply because it is more durable than fashion jewellery. Moreover, you do need to spend more money on fine jewellery. If you wish to add more value to your outfit, we suggest you purchase fine jewellery. However, if you want jewellery that complements your outfit, fashion jewellery will be the better choice. It just depends on the budget that you have for jewellery.

Some people prefer fashion jewellery because they don’t want to spend too much on fine jewellery. However, the consequence of this is that they cannot be repaired if damaged. They cannot withstand heat meaning that once they break, they cannot be repaired, unlike fine jewellery.

It depends on what you value more. Do you prefer to spend less multiple times or spend much more on something that is going to last longer? If you wish to spend little and you have no issue with buying it again because of the price, fashion jewellery is for you. Nevertheless, if you are happy to spend big on your jewellery, fine jewellery is what you want.

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