Best Rain Jackets in 2022

Your boss still expects you at your workplace even during the rainy season, and it can become challenging if you lack the correct attire. Umbrellas have kept us dry for decades, but they are quite handy. The main disadvantage of umbrellas is they cannot resist strong wind, leaving you exposed.

Rain jackets are a complex subject, and you must research them before buying one. First, you should know the material used in making them, and the article below will discuss the best rain jacket men in 2022.

  1. Eddie Bauer BC

The Eddie Bauer BC is a stretchy, soft, and quiet rain jacket that is more of an autumn coat than a shell. This rain jacket is reliable and has sheer comfort, making it a client favorite. The Eddie Bauer rain jacket has a lifespan of two years and is not loaded with features.

This rain jacket only entails the necessary features like a phone pocket and two zippered pockets.

  • Columbia Outdry

This rain jacket put the outdoor industry on notice after introducing waterproof membranes that eliminated DWR coatings. The result has been a dependable waterproof material that withholds the toughest weather conditions.

This rain jacket is durable and easily available.

  • Canada Goose Seawolf

This rain jacket is ideal if money is not a concern to you. It has nifty features and entails three layers. The Canada goose sea wolf is known for its style, comfort, and other features.

  • Janji Rainrunner

The Janji rainrunner is one of the best jackets for rainy days due to its outstanding features. This jacket entails two panels and a full-length zipper that goes to the hood. The best feature of this jacket is its fabrics.

It also has a protective wrist snugness that prevents water passage, and it is not heavy. This jacket is easy to navigate, meaning you can take it on all adventures. It is ideal for aerobic tasks like running.

  • Black Diamond Stretch

The black diamond stretch is a combination of weight, value, and packability. It is available for $150 and is an excellent option for your daily getaways.

This jacket has adjustable cuffs and packs into its pocket. These features have made it a fan favorite.

Benefits of Having a Rain Jacket

Below we discuss the benefits of having a rain jacket;

  • They are Waterproof

The rain jacket is not only waterproof but also entails wind-resistant abilities. These jackets have wind-resisting qualities that keep you warm and dry simultaneously. Remember, rain jackets are necessary for busy people who go for studies often.

  • They are Breathable

Many rain jackets are made using breathable materials to keep you safe from excess heat. These jackets can also be worn on typical days, thanks to their breathable material. They can also be worn in Autumn.

  • Mobility

The best thing about rain jackets is that owners move freely when wearing them. Well-fitting jackets help you to move freely, unlike other attires.

Final Thoughts

Rain jackets are essential pieces of clothing that should be part of our closet. The above article has discussed the best rain jackets in 2022, and you can contact us for more.

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