Many men are guilty of wearing the wrong hats and caps that don’t suit their head and style because choosing the right headwear can be confusing. While it takes trial and error, knowing what to look for when buying men’s headwear can help you make an informed choice. Buying hats and caps in brick-and-mortar stores can be easier since you can always try them on before making your choice. But how about when you shop online? Keep the following things in mind.

Choose a hat or cap style.

Men’s hats and caps come in different styles, and there are several things to remember when choosing one. The most critical ones are functionality, face shape, occasions, and aesthetic goals. If you are buying a hat or cap to wear for a particular event, it should align with the theme of the occasion to ensure you don’t look odd. Also, think about other clothes you usually wear and how they would complement the headwear you choose.

The fit

How comfortable is your headwear? The fit is one of the critical considerations when choosing men’s headwear because it is linked to how comfortable it is. If you wear a hat to the beach, you want to ensure the wind doesn’t blow it off.

On the other hand, tight-fitting headwear can constrict your blood flow and even cause wrinkles in your head. Thankfully most of the caps for men are adjustable, making them suitable for all head sizes. You may seek guidance from the vendor to choose the right size to avoid discomfort.

Your facial features

There is a reason why some men’s hats and caps look better on some people and funny on others. The facial features and structure of the head matter, so it is good to try different headwear before buying to identify one that suits your face best.

Note that hats with lower crown heights make your face look longer, while those with average crown height look best on people with long face forms. If you have a round face, opt for small-sized caps to complement your facial features.

Color scheme

There is a wide range of colored hats and caps for men. Consider your desired color schemes before purchasing. Neutral-colored caps and hats like black and brown are versatile since you can accessorize anything in your wardrobe with them. You don’t want to buy a new hat or cap every time so choose a color that complements your wardrobe and style.

Sun protection

One of the reasons to wear a hat or cap is sun protection; therefore, you should evaluate how functional the cap or hat offers sun protection. For instance, straw hats with a broader brim are suitable for covering your face and neck, protecting you from harmful UV rays.

The takeaway

Ultimately choosing men’s headwear depends on your style and preferences, but the most important considerations are functionality, style, fit, sun protection, and color.You can choose a versatile hat and cap to complement your wardrobe.

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