Hair Loss: When You Should Consult Your Doctor

Alopecia or hair loss causes a lot of concern to those who suffer from it. Knowing how severe hair loss can be, experts have come up with various solutions that Alopecia patients can use to stop or slow down its effect. Today, there are many options that people struggling with hair loss can try, even from the comfort of home.

While some of these treatments and cures may seem harmless and safe, it is still necessary and ethical to be very sure of its safety for you before you commence use. Also, during the process of managing Alopecia, there might be a few cases of concern that you may overlook or ignore. This may lead to serious challenges as time goes by. Here, we have pointed out instances that need you to call your doctor’s attention as they pop up.

6 Reasons to Contact Your Dermatologist

As commonplace as the issue may seem, any delay might be disastrous when it comes to hair loss. These are 6 reasons to call your doctor when you notice you’re starting to lose hair.  

  1. When Hair Loss Is Sudden and Rapid

Having sudden and rapid hair loss without preexisting issues (such as genetics) could be very troubling. There are many causes of sudden hair loss, including illnesses, poor diet, drugs, lack of vitamins, or high-stress levels. Again, many hair products have harsh chemicals that contribute to sudden hair loss. When you notice a sudden and rapid loss of hair, it is essential to see a doctor. Sometimes, identifying the cause of the sudden hair loss can be most effective in treating it. Fixing your diet, reducing your cortisol (stress) hormones, using safe hair products, etc., can rectify your hair loss.

  1. Before Using Any Hair Regrowth Treatment 

Starting a new hair regrowth procedure is risky if you do not first consult your doctor. Your doctor would tell you if it is safe for you to use these treatments, especially if you have (or had) any underlying health condition. Your dermatologist is in the best position to tell you about the various constituents in the hair products you plan to use. Some even recommend the best products for your hair loss. For instance, if you plan to start laser treatment with a laser hair growth cap, you could consult your doctor and get assured of their approval. While most laser caps are FDA-cleared and clinically proven to be safe, it doesn’t hurt to keep your doctor informed.

  1. When There Are Rashes or Swellings

If you notice that the balding spot(s) has rashes or swellings, it might be a good time to consult your doctor. Also, if you start to feel pains in those spots, we highly recommend that you see your doctor. Bald spots on a hair loss patient are not abnormal, but rashes or swellings that produce pus is a sign that something might be wrong. Consulting your doctor helps to get rid of those abnormalities ASAP.

  1. When Your Hair Loss Treatment Is Not Working 

If you have been undergoing hair loss treatment and don’t see any significant changes, you need to see the doctor. Although it seems like it’s not working, it doesn’t mean there is no solution to the issue; it only shows that you have not found the right medication for you. It is your Dermatologists job to help you explore other possible hair loss solutions. You could also try including natural hair growth supplements into your diet to stimulate your hair follicles to boost growth.

  1. When It Is a Drug Reaction

People react to drugs in different ways. For some, it could be the loss of hair on the head or other parts of your body. If this is the case for you, you should consult your doctor. Drugs like blood thinners and blood pressure drugs could promote hair loss among users. When you see your doctor about this drug reaction, they could either change your dosage or your medication entirely.

  1. When All Else Fails 

There could be times that it seems everything you are doing about your hair loss is not working. You might have tried all sorts of home remedies, laser treatments, drugs, and several others, to no avail. The only option left is to see a professional. Hair doctors are trained for situations just like this. Instead of giving up, consider going back to them, especially when all the previous methods you have tried fail.


Hair loss is no mere matter. It is caused by several factors such as scalp trauma, drug reactions, etc. It could also be an indication of other more severe conditions. It is important to carry your dermatologist through every significant step or occurrence as you manage hair loss. This is so that your doctor will provide the right approach to dealing with the matters at hand and quickly too.

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