Considerations When Choosing An International School In Thailand

If you are looking for schools for your children in Bangkok, you will probably have realised that there are a lot of choices available. The quality of education between the different schools can vary quite drastically. If you are looking for the best education possible for your children, you will wish to consider sending them to an international school.

The Curriculum

One thing that you will need to consider is the curriculum that you would prefer is taught to your children. When it comes to the curriculum for an international school, Thailand usually offers British, American, or Australian ones. If you do have a preference, then you will need to search for the schools that teach the one that you would prefer, but you may find that spaces are limited.

Places Are In Demand

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that in a lot of the international schools throughout Thailand, spaces are limited. As such, there is a high demand for some of the schools, and if this is the case for your preferred school, you need to get in there early to secure a place.

Different Tiers For International Schools

When you are judging the quality of an international school, you will need to understand that there are three tiers within the Thai system. The grading goes from one to three, with one being the highest quality schools, which increases the demand for them, and the price goes up accordingly. At a tier-one school, most of the teachers will be western and are highly experienced and qualified at teaching their subjects.

The Location Of The School

The location of the school is also going to be vital to consider when looking at schools. Most schools have a bus service where they can collect your children and drop them off again in the afternoon, but if you live too far away from the school, this may not be available. You can also find that the travel time in the mornings and afternoons can add a couple of hours onto the day for your children, as the traffic is often bad throughout Bangkok, and especially when it is raining.

Make Sure The School Fits

One thing that you will have to ensure if you want your children to enjoy their time at school is to make sure that it is a good fit for them. If the school offers the sports and extracurricular activities that interest them, as well as school subjects, they are much more likely to enjoy themselves and excel in their education.

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