Building Your Streetwear Wardrobe: Essential Pieces for Every Guy

Streetwear is more than just baggy jeans and an oversized mens hoodie on sale that you found. It’s a culture that built the foundation for self-expression, functionality and comfort. The original street wearers were your favourite surfers, skateboards and hip-hop artists; they wore exactly what they wanted without any external influence.

Streetwear comes in multiple variations and that’s where a lot of love comes with this style, There is no right or wrong way to incorporate these elements into your fashion. It’s key to take note of not only what you like but also what flatters your lifestyle, body and interests. If you aren’t one of the stylists, we’ve got you covered with all your favourite pieces from the world of streetwear.

The Fundamentals and Staples of Streetwear

Graphic Tees

The classic graphic tee is a wardrobe staple for any streetwear look. Especially in the summer months, you can really build a whole outfit around a graphic tee. You want this to be the focal point of the outfit, especially if it’s busy so reach for your favourite baggy jeans or cargo pants, a belt that ties the parties together and depending on what you’re feeling like, add a beanie or cap to make it that classic streetwear look.

You want to buy a graphic tee that resonates with you. Whether they are showcasing a band, skateboarding brand or just something they like. These factors will make styling easier.

Oversized Hoodies

Whether it’s plain or graphic, an oversized hoodie has the power to bring your streetwear look to life. You can go the extra mile and pair it with baggy pants, a beanie and a cross-over body bag. This is both fashionable and extremely comfortable.

Baggy Jeans or Joggers

Baggy jeans with scuffs, holes and marks were a staple of the 80’s and of any skateboarder for obvious reasons. Jeans that look like they’ve lived a thousand lifetimes but also just serve as a piece of fashion that is convenient, goes with everything and is, of course, comfortable. This was a huge reason why skateboarders loved them in the first place. So why not get creative, make some holes, and marks and pay homage to your next fit to the originals?

Baggy joggers are also an element of streetwear and are represented in the hip-hop scene as well as the skater scene. I can see 50 Cent now in a white vest, durag and grey baggy jogger bottoms. This fit can be styled exactly how they did it in the 90s or if vests aren’t your style, then a tight top and fresh trainers will bring that look together. Or if you are looking for an outfit already styled, go for a baggy mens full tracksuit.


Every stylish streetwear enthusiast needs to have a selection of fresh webs in their rotation. Adidas seems to be a huge part of this trend and of course, that’s based on something that’s got everything to do with its past. Many designers and brands are making different styles of streetwear, such as Solomon, Asics and many others. Take a look at what influencers and celebrities are wearing for inspiration on your next trainer purchase.

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