5 Apps Fashion Lovers Need to Have

Do you love following fashion trends? Do you feel like a supermodel each time you go out of your house? If you do, you need to have the best fashion apps. You can follow the trends and know what other people are wearing with their help. You will also find it easier to shop for whatever you need online. Here are five of the best fashion apps to download now.

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This popular British app is perfect for people who want to think beyond the box. You can browse over 12,000 designer brands using this app. Try to mix and match different options, and you will look your best. You might even realise how pieces can go together even if on paper, they don’t. Once you start using this app, your cart will never be empty.


One of the downsides of buying online is you can’t try the clothes before buying them. You only rely on the images and product descriptions. Hence, it’s a good thing that you have ShopLook. You don’t only choose from the virtual wardrobe, but also see how they look on you. Regardless of your body type of fashion choice, you will find the perfect match.


Do you know how Tinder works? If you do, this app is like Tinder, but for online shoppers. You will get matched with local stores that are a part of this app. Indicate your fashion preferences, and there’s a store that’s perfect for you. It’s even surprising to find the best pieces just around the corner. It’s like finding love. You keep looking in distant places when the perfect match is just nearby.

Smart Closet

If you already have a lot in your closet, organising everything can be challenging. When you use this app, you will save time. You will know which clothes you already own, and which ones you need to have. The app will also connect you with stores where you can buy the missing pieces. You won’t have a hard time looking for them across the web.

Stitch Fix

If you don’t have time to find the best clothes to fill your wardrobe, this app is perfect for you. It will match you with a team of stylists to deliver a box of clothing that fits your style. Indicate your preferences in terms of size, design, and price range. These experts will look all over the web for the best pieces. Once they deliver the box, you will have everything you need. Then, you can wear the best clothes for the next occasion.

These are only some of the most exciting fashion apps you need to download now. If you always wanted to keep up with the trends, you deserve to have these apps. Fashion constantly evolves, and it’s great to receive help right at your fingertips.

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