4 Important Tips for Buying Your Wedding Necklace

A wedding day is the most memorable day in every girl’s life, and there is no wonder that she wishes to look nothing less than perfection on this day. A perfect bridal look does not depend just on the bridal outfit, makeup, or jewellery, but it is a cumulative look created with all of these factors and more. When it comes to deciding the bridal jewellery, there is a long list of options that are offered like mathapatti, chockers, long necklaces, earrings, bajubandh, bangles, kamarbandh, etc. From heirloom to the personal style of the bride, there are various aspects that shape the decisions of bridal jewellery torso.

One of the most evident factors in a bridal ensemble is the wedding necklace. There are various types of wedding necklace patterns like chocker, long necklace, maharani haar, and so much more. Necklaces have been an important part of grooming for women from all over the world, then how can a wedding jewellery torso be complete without a stunning neckpiece to complement the outfit.

A wedding necklace is not just a part of your wedding ensemble, but it is a memory that is going to stay with you forever and heirloom to be passed to your coming generations.

Here are some tips that would help you to know how to choose the right necklace for your big day.

  1. Do some research about trends – You take so much effort to search about various trends in bridal outfits that are hot in this season, spotted on celebrities, and declared as must-haves by the fashion police. From pantone shade of the year to the design and fabric, you search everything thoroughly, but what about the accessories. Accessories need equal or more research as the palette offered under this category is larger than any other in the bridal ensemble. When it comes to wedding necklace trends, you can check what’s trending on various brands and fashion as well as bridal magazines.
  2. Know your roots well – Old is gold, they say, and in case of wedding necklace, it does prove to be true. No matter how much styles change, old pieces of jewellery always complement most of the attires and give a classic touch to the appearance. You can check the jewellery pieces owned by your mom and granny and choose the ones you like. This way, you put the existing jewellery to use and make your family’s heirloom a part of your wedding ensemble.
  3. Decide a budget and stick to it – Jewellery can be a bit expensive than you expect it to be, especially bridal jewellery. Hence to avoid spending all your money on your wedding necklace, set a budget and make sure you stick to it.
  4. Choose comfort over appearance – There are many options offered under the wedding necklace avenue. Traditional, contemporary, fusion, abstract, all pieces of jewellery are equally unique and alluring. While choosing your wedding necklace, keep in mind that your comfort of wearing it comes first, even before the appearance.

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